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Funko POP: Hala the Accuser (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Hala the Accuser is a character even obscure to me. I might not have ever come across this character if it wasn't for POPs. So let's go ahead and check Hala out!

This character is from a Guardians of the Galaxy game called the Telltale Series. I can't say much about it since I haven't played it, but it looks pretty mediocre. So where does Hala play into this? Well, she's just recently created in 2015, most likely to feed off the GoTG MCU popularity. The game probably took the chance to use her to try and use characters that are solely tied to the GoTG lore one way or another, and so here we are with a POP version of her.

Definitely not interested in the other figures in this wave. I was actually in the process of buying Gamora, but I saw Hala and thought that she looked more interesting as a POP.

Her color scheme definitely drew me in. These aren't the colors I usually gravitate towards, but the combination of them makes her just vibrant and compelling. The weapon glow is also something unique for a POP I have yet to see. Hope they do this more often.

That helmet is also cool looking as a stylized POP. I love all the sculpting details that they put into the ridges and face guard.

The fading of her hair also does well to really compliment the rest of her color scheme. And sure, the posture that they chose for her may be a bit too neutral, but with everything else that is going on with her, it's actually doesn't take away from this POP at all.

At the end of the day, she is something that came out of nowhere. But the way they executed her makes her a good piece to have in my POP line ups. Not many might get her, but if one does, one might be surprised with how much effort they put into this character.

Until Next Time!

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