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Funko POP: Jack Skellington (Amazon Exclusive)

Now to close off Halloween! It's definitely that time when Christmas is so close but still so far away. But thanks to The Nightmare Before Christmas, the two festivities are mixing together. And believe me, what Jack Skellington doesn't do himself, his merchandise definitely reels us into the feeling of spooky and merry. This #POP is a good example. Let's jump into the review, shall we?

Yes, that's right! It's an Amazon exclusive! There's a common non-glow-in-the-dark but I figured getting this someone with a little gimmick fits more. Also, this one's for a special friend's kid who is really into The Nightmare Before Christmas. Had to get the special version, for sure.

Already like the look just from the box art itself. Well, let's get to opening then!

Not a usual practice for Funko to add an extra support for the back. Usually it's just a peg and then call it a day but I'm not complaining.

Jack Skellington has a pretty unique design. From the style of Tim Burton's clay animation days, I definitely didn't gravitate towards the movie and its characters until a little later. And even now, still not a dedicated fan of the movie, but I can definitely enjoy the aesthetics and the idea. For this particular POP, Jack is not wearing his traditional Pumpkin King outfit, instead, he proudly shows off his version of a Santa Clause attire. With a friendly skeleton face mixed in with the look of St. Nick, it's definitely a good and odd mix. The pose isn't too dynamic but it's definitely adequate for this particular piece. The Sculpt is done well and it's present throughout the figurine. I especially like the touch of the Christmas lights around him.

While the majority of the figurine is sharp and very pronounced in regards to the paint job, there is something off about the hat. It looks a bit washed and the red definitely does not match the rest of the outfit. Maybe it's the glow? But just an odd choice. The rest of the POP's coloring is sharp and clean so not much of a complaint.

Here is POP Santa Jack next to POP Jack Skellington. They do look nice together, don't they? Halloween and Christmas!

Again, not a POP I'm keeping, but I definitely wanted to give it some words before I handed it off. For the huge fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this festive POP is something you will need in your Holiday decoration! I highly recommend it. Great pose, fantastic sculpt work, and the paint job isn't something I'm going to say is a fault.

Until Next Time!

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