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Funko POP: Jack Skellington

The Nightmare Before Christmas movie! While I was never the biggest fan of this movie (not disliking it or anything, but more or less didn't get into it), I will say that the aesthetics are always something to behold and Jack Skellington a a character is pretty awesome!

Pretty sure I'm going to stay with Jack--now he has special editions here and there and I might be tempted if I find one from an exclusive from Disney Parks but for now, I'll stay with this version of Jack.

I do love that 'facial expression'. Leaning on to some of the creative ways that Funko can make their POPs look.

One of these days I'm actually going to finish watching Nightmare Before Christmas. It's all over the Disney Parks during the time I go and I do love the vibe. One day. Though one thing is certain even if I don't ever get around it, Jack Skellington's look is definitely something to appreciate. Honestly, while it's all about his color scheme, his simple design could be easily mistranslated through merchandise. Luckily Funko did magic and decided on a pose that plays with his sinister, albeit innocent-ish personality. Love the idea of him grabbing his cheeks to make his canines more menacing!

The snake tongue is also a nice touch

Colors are spot on. The white lines on his suit are clean. The white and black contrasts all look nice and the variations of the two dominant colors give him an organic look. All in all, a job well done.

Here is POP Jack Skellington next to POP Corpse Bride Emily. Two characters who I once thought were in the same Disney umbrella.

It's a good POP for sure. Definitely not going to be a stand out but if I was to have him as the only Jack Skellington, I'd be pretty pleased. Maybe if I actually spent the time to watch and get attached to the movie, I'd have a different opinion and/or attachment to Jack. But, hey, still love the character all in all! I recommend for sure!

Until Next Time!

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