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Funko POP: Corpse Bride/Emily

Updated: Jan 20

#POP merchandise again! This time around, we are going to go to a character whose movie I haven't seen--and before actually doing my research after the purchase, I thought was part of the Disney umbrella. My I was wrong. With that said, let's dive into the review, shall we?

Yeah, this was not a Disney movie--it's made by Tim Burton so the aesthetics are VERY spiritually close to The Nightmare Before Christmas. And I haven't seen this movie so I'm not sure if it has the same charm as Nightmare outside the looks. Needless to say, I'm only interested in Emily. Bride won't have her groom!

One of these days I might watch this movie though. I'm curious.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was definitely one of the unique films at the time. When I came across the trailer for Corpse Bride, I was convinced that it was a spiritual trailer under Disney's arm. It's all about the aesthetics so it was easy to confuse and I never went farther than the trailer. I know, took me all these years! But as a character, Emily was something of a beauty to stare at despite her status. And since she is a bride, of course, she is wearing a wedding dress, and given what wedding dresses usually consist of, it's got some quirk to it but it's not overly complex. My favorite thing about the design and how it turned out is the transparent plastic veil. She also has some decomposing aesthetics which I'm sure is a bit more pronounced in her movie version. Hard to see, but her left arm is a skeleton!

Emily's color scheme is pretty vibrant despite it being within the style of Tim Burton's stop-motion animated movie. She's got this blue hue to her skin that contrasts against her white dress, and she also has her dark blue hair, which is also a different shade against her skin. Then there is a transparent plastic to finish off her veil. It's all well done truth be told. Had this color not been executed, this POP would have fallen flat.

While not going to be a stand-out POP because of the character and the movie Emily's from, I still do enjoy having it because it is a uniquely done POP. I recommend her for sure and those who love this movie would have good Corpse Bride merchandise. I'm sure they're not that common so a POP is always a plus!

Until Next Time!

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