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Funko POP: Kevin McCallister Home Alone (Target Edition)

Home Alone is a tradition for me. It's a movie I always watch around the Holidays and this year hasn't been any different. After all these years, Home Alone has yet to be forgotten and with popularity of Funko's POP constantly poking at many different areas of popular franchises, here we are with a Home Alone POP edition.

This is a target exclusive product which is currently out of stock at my local Target. I'm sure they will restock, but I'm glad I was able to snag mine before the Holidays are over.

For those who are familiar with Home Alone, one will recognize all the various random items that Kevin used to thwart the Wet Bandits' plan to rob his family's house. Nice way to decorate the box and making it blend it with a bit of a Christmas ornament style to them.

The back of the box reveals what is inside. No surprise there's a POP action figure inside and a beanie that highly resembles the one Kevin wore in the first movie.

This is actually more of a "DuDs" portion but I didn't feel that there is too much to go over with this beanie to give it a full blown post. It definitely is a nice beanie that truly pays homage to the source material. I have also worn it already and it does what a beanie should do.

This isn't my first Home Alone POP figure. I have the POP Wet Bandits and technically, this figure is part of that same line.

Exclusives are always nice to have. Target and Funko always ave nice exclusives, and over all, Funko does a good job putting out products that can only be found in specific stores. I don't get these for the fact of making money off of them; gone are the days of the golden age of collecting to turn it around to make profit. I get these because they are something I appreciate and something like Home Alone, a child hood classic Christmas movie, this is a must.

As I stated, this is part of last year's Home Alone line up from #Funko #POP, just a special edition of Kevin. Much like last year's box, this one has a lot of more Holiday spirits though, least that's what it feels like it to me.

One of the thinks I really started enjoying with POPs are the layers of sculpting that stye started adding on. It has been going on for a while and I truly appreciate what they are doing by adding things like Kevin's scarf, gloves, the toothbrush (it's pointing at one particular scene it seems), and that famous beanie. It doesn't take much to really recognize the similarities between the POP version and the movie version. Funko took some steps to ensure that the recreation of Kevin McCallister in POP form remains as true as possible. The "knitted reindeers" in his beanie just makes it the POP in my opinion. It truly adds more character to the POP and with gimmicks like special edition, Chrome editions, variant colors, etc., I am more than willing to keep supporting POP. If they do a Home Alone 2 next year with special editions of the main characters' clothing from the sequel, I would probably buy it as well!

The paint job is done quite well though I do have some sloppy parts as you can see from the picture of the back of the figure. Aside from that, the rest are clean and well done. I don't have any major complaints.

Here is Kevin McCallister with the Wet Bandits! Such an awesome trio.

As a POP figure, this Kevin is done well. I don't have the standard version to make a judgement which one is better but since this Target exclusive came with a beanie and as an apparel, that beanie does serve its purpose. All in all, this was a wonderful limited edition. For any Home Alone fans who don't even collect POPs, this can hit nostalgia and provide a headgear for warmth. I highly recommend it! Thank you, Target!

Until Next Time!

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