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Funko POP: Merlin (7 Deadly Sins)

From the anime 7 Deadly Sin, here comes the Sin of Gluttony, Merlin! Yeah, I know. Merlin is usually an old man with a staff. Not in this anime. Merlin here is quite the opposite of what one would think of when it comes to the name. But for those who watch 7 Deadly Sins, I'm sure that's no longer a surprise. With that said, let's check out the POP form of Merlin, shall we?

The Seven Deadly Sins is an odd anime to say the least. I haven't watched the last two seasons but I found myself enjoying everything before. I gravitated towards Merlin, King, Dianne, and Ban. So for sure, within this wave, I want to get Dianne since she's a bigger POP. But for now, pretty happy with having Merlin in my collection for sure!

Even the side shot pic of Merlin looks promising!

Merlin had a few outfits throughout the seasons. I am particularly familiar with this one and the one previously. They're the same--obviously, Merlin likes to show off some skin (for reasons). While stylized, this POP does a fine job showcasing the details with Merlin's outfit--while she doesn't have a ton of intricacies, they're still present. The fur collar, the heart designs, the thigh-high boots, and the not-so-promiscuous jacket(?). The pose is great! Merlin stands there and poses all sexy-like while flaunting her magic and she has that going on here. Also, the magical effect floating all around her gives this POP the flare that it needs to make her stand out. The expressive eyes too! I'd say Funko did a fine job with the sculpting and attention to detail!

I also love the separate piece of 'flame' on the side of her boot. Adds 'movement' and depth to a very simple but effective pose.

The colors are vibrant and accurate. While simply colored and painted, all thanks to Merlin's design, the simplicity of it wins overall. The added translucent plastic and the small details of her heart designs hit it off. No complaints here!

Definitely a winning piece for 2024! Can she make the list for the end of the year?

An absolute win and a recommendation. Simple but accurate. It stays true to Merlin as how she was in the anime! For those looking for a good representation of the Sin of Gluttony, this one has some good things going for her! Nab her before she disappears or is racked up with a third-party market!

Until Next Time!

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