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Funko POP: Mickey Mouse (Conductor)

Updated: May 5, 2019

It's a little surprising that this is my first POP Mickey Mouse in my #POPulation. It's more than obvious that I am a HUGE Disney fan so the "God" of Disney should have been in my collection a long time ago, right? Well, no. So this being my first Mickey Mouse POP, let's get right into the toy review, shall we?

As I mentioned in my Disneyland 2018 Trip, this year is Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday. While Disneyland, Disney World, and I'm sure all avenues of Disney related resorts all had their own celebration that involved Mickey's 'aging', toy companies and the sorts held on to their portion of the pie to pay homage to one of the most recognizable icon. Funko didn't shortcut things by adding their own Mickey Mouse line up... just Mickey Mouse and no one else. The line up is definitely something to ponder if they are a must for any POP collectors and/or Disney fans. There were a couple I wanted to grab (and still will) but the Conductor is a good start because it's a formal Mickey Mouse, as if he is going to a formal party to celebrate his birthday. Also the conductor is a good metaphor for the fact that he symbolically pulls the string with a lot of the fandoms I am into. Again, good intro POP figure to my POPulation.

Steamboat Mickey is a must considering that's a signature Mickey animation that shows in most, if not ALL, Disney movies that I have seen. Apprentice Mickey is also something I am willing to add to my collection since Fantasia is another milestone in my Disney life. Not sure if I'll cave to sought them out that hard though since I don't know where I'm going to put all versions of Mickey in my already crowded POP collection.

Would be a really sad day if a company as known as Funko got Mickey's aesthetics wrong. Just to be blunt about it, they did a WONDERFUL job on Mickey's POP version. The mouse ears stands out, the face has that innocent look, the gloved hand, the lanky body, the stature, and the big shoes... It's Mickey Mouse no doubt about that. The pose they picked fits well with a conductor, least, how I see and picture a conductor. Mickey is ready to lead the band, dressed all suited and booted, fancy and magical and all! As always, stylized into POP form, there are some genuine and fantastic details that goes along with Mickey. There are layers that are sculpted that adds depth to this action figure. I always love pointing out the areas where Funko could have taken the easy route and just painted it, but very fortunate for us that they decided to stick true to their guns and continue to sculpt the needed areas.

Mickey Mouse is dominantly black with yellow buttons, white gloves, and red shorts. The POP conductor Mickey has all that but mixed in with different areas of the suit. The colors POP (pun intended) quite well and while there are a few imperfections here and there with the execution (some missed lines and some of the black looking more flat and not shiny), Mickey Mouse still looks dashing with his formal suit.

While I don't have any other Mickey Mouse & friends POP characters, I do have Infinity War Iron Man & Thanos along with Frozen's break out star: Elsa in her Snow Queen and Coronation attire. He is technically the reigning monarch of both juggernaut-money-making blockbusters.

Great addition, nothing else to say. Again, as Disney fan, as the first POP of Mickey in my POPulation, I'd say it's a great start. I don't know when/if I'll grab the others, but I do know that if I stop with Conductor Mickey, I have a Marvelous POP Mickey Mouse in hand!

Until Next Time!

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