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Funko POP (NEWS): Spider-Woman!!!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021




It's about damn freakin time FUNKO! What took so long? Okay, so I'll have to forgive them because Jessica Drew jumping into the Funko line up now is actually a good thing. Why is that? These days, POPs are given more character based poses, a bit more details, and the colors seems more vibrant and refined. Had she come out during the first few days of Funko POP, she would have had one of those generic postures. This #POP of Spider-Woman just looks amazing and I can't wait to have it.

The downside is that IT IS A NEW YORK COMICON exclusive! WHAT? The good thing is that EntertainmentEarth might be getting its... or will be getting it after said Comicon. I guess I should feel some elation since they're making her an exclusive and then released to the public.

At any rate, I'll have my eye out for her as much as possible. When I do the POP of 2018, I'm pretty sure Spider-Woman will take the crown. Unless the final product just comes out dull as all heck. Well, let me try to keep my excitement down.

Until Next Time!

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