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Funko POP: Prospects

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

No, I'm not stopping any time soon with this toy line. IN FACT, at the end of 2018, it is going to get its own category for POP of the year! But that's some ways into the future. But in regards to the future, I have some prospects in sight and there they are:

From one of my favorite animated shows when I was young, Selina Kyle was a definite fan favorite. I love this simple design and this POP seems like it captures her sass and her adorably sexiness. POP Catwoman is a must have.

POP Classic Batman is every bit of the Batman I know and love! Black, simple, and a shadow of the Animated Series look.

RIP Yvonne Craig. Other than a tribute to one of my favorite Batgirls, this 1960's POP Batgirl is just plain adorable. Hits the right notes!

POP White Ranger is just plain awesome looking! He's a must, that's for sure! Looks like he is going to have a ton of details.

POP Voltron is going to be a must. Just look at him! He even has his Blazing Sword for crying out loud!

POP Mr. Monopoly seems to have a special ambiance to him. I don't know why, but I think this guy is just worth having in my collection.

Queen Beryl! She's so sweet, she gives me cavities! At any rate, she is just plain evil and adorable at the same time! Have to have the first rival of the Senshis in my collection as a POP!

That list could go longer, but for now, let's keep it with these guys & gals. Be on the look out for the reviews on them!

Until Next Time!

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