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Funko POP: Raphael (TMNT Mutant Mayhem)

I believe this is the first #POP I ever got for the TMNT. Weird. I was a fan back when I was a youngling. Odd that I haven't pulled the trigger to get a POP of them. But here we are in 2023 and I finally got one for review. This one is from the new movie, Mutant Mayhem, which I personally don't have the intention of watching, so there's that. But a POP is a POP so let's get to review, shall we?

I really like the box! It's got that crazy 90s feel to it and definitely fits with the vibe of the new movie. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to pull the trigger on any of these but we'll see. If I was to get a set of the Turtles and April, it wouldn't be from this iteration, that's for sure.

Again, the vibe of the box is really nice. Definitely playing into the movie and with some sprinkle of the classic TMNT from the 90s.

Believe it or not, Raphael wasn't my favorite Turtle at one point--in fact, he's probably still not up there but the color scheme and the attitude definitely leans more towards my style. Funny enough, Lenoardo was/is my guy but nowadays, I definitely adore Raphael. As far as this iteration, he does look geerally the same. He has his classic sais the red, and he's got that grit. The one key difference from most of his iterations is the headband--which is now a full on mask that covers the top half of his head and not just a portion of it. And Funko did a fine job replicating that, the pose is also nice since it does showcase his sais. The stance is pretty awesome and all in all, the little details are all there. There's nothign to complain about, honestly.

The shell also gets a good amount of attention which is always appreciated. One cannot leave the deets alone when it comes to the shell.

Love that knot

Color, it's pretty good. The green is a bit more fluroscent than I would like but, hey, it still works. The choice of red is nice and the juxtaposing brown shell and yellow abs definitely puts it all together. Again, despite it being more of a 3D movie and a different take, so much of it aesthetically reminds me of the 90s TMNT.

While the movie may not be for me, I will say that Funko did an awesome job with this. I love the stance, the attention to detail, the vibrant colors, and that red! I'd say this is a good POP. Can definitely recommend it to any Raph fans or TMNT fans in general! Still need to pull the trigger on a Ninja Turtles POP one day. Right?

Until Next Time!

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