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Funko POP: Sailor Pluto (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Sailor Pluto is the Senshi of time and at this modern age would also be considered as another Sailor Moon... okay, enough of that. Let's just check her out!

The theme remains the same from the other Senshis. Not much to really say here.

I wonder if they will do the Sailor Crystal version of these Senshis?

I feel like this should have been the Sailor Saturn pose, but regardless, it's still a nice pose for Pluto. One thing that could have been awesome if they were able to pull it off was a 'Dead Scream' pose.

I love Pluto's color design as well; simple but has a hint of darkness to her. Also, she's the one Senshi that does not have shoulder pads. Said things translates well into her POP form. Her time staff also translates well as a POP.

The Outer Senshis are the senshis that the creator started using two colors on two girls but with different hints. Setsuna has dark green hair while Michiru has light green hair. Pluto and Saturn's color schemes with their Senshi uniforms are also similar as well as their weapons. Still, really easy to distinguish them. And I love how those similarities and differences plays into their Funko POP version.

Safe posture, nicely done coloring, and the details are still there, have to say that POP played it well with the Outer Senshis. I recommend Sailor Pluto if anyone is a big fan of her and wants her POP version. Also, she does looks nice right next to the other Outer Senshis, doesn't she?

Saturn, Neptune, and Super Sailor Moon! Really need Uranus now! Just might get her now!

Until Next Time!

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