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Funko POP: Storm (Box Lunch Exclusive)

Updated: May 26

We have another Marvel POP! Surprise! Be prepared to see more X-Men in my POP collection, mind you. So without further adieu, let's get to the review, shall we?

This is a good set. I actually got a couple of POPs from this wave and I've been pretty happy about them. This Storm is a special edition from Box Lunch and it's pretty cool. Storm is a favorite X-Man of mine.

Another bobblehead POP.

For those who have been around my blog, one should know that I am a fan of levitating POPs. I love the clear stands that try to give the illusion of flight. Storm is hard to pull off in a statuette or still-like collectible without her flying or showing her elemental prowess. Luckily this Storm POP shows her gliding across the battlefield as lightning and thunder erupt from the palm of her hands. The choice of outfit is alright. The cape is still Storm's classic signature wing-like cape. The hair is well done, with some nice sculpting, and the illusion of movement is all appreciated.

Again, I do like all that work on the hair.

There's not a lot of color variation with Storm. It's a simple paint job but a job well done. The hair is the glow-in-the-dark gimmick and while I didn't take advantage of it as much, I do know that it works (EDITED BELOW). The black used on her uniform is good, the yellow linings look sharp, and the plastic used for her lightning just ties it all together.

There's the glow-in-the-dark scheme. There's some odd paint job for her eyes so that's a downer. But the hair is well done! IT looks amazing, actually.

Here is Ororo next to two of her dearest fellow X-Men. They look good together, for sure. I do appreciate classic X-Men stuff.

Awesome pose--Storm is levitating and ready to crisp someone with lightning. The colors are sharp and the glow in the dark gimmick has something to offer. I do highly recommend this POP.

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