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Funko POP: Super Sailor Moon (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

So here we are with the arrival of Box Lunch Exclusive Sailor Moon Crisis POP! Let's check her out!

I shopped at a Box Lunch store when I was out of town and ended up with a quite a few things in my shopping bag. It's a pretty cool store. Their online store seems awesome as well since this Sailor Moon POPped (couldn't help it) up in my email. Had to get her.

This Sailor Moon costume is my favorite one out of all her other Senshis uniform. It also helps that it was first introduced in my favorite Sailor Moon season: Sailor Moon S.

I probably going to skip out on Sailor Uranus and Chibi Moon. But I'm still debating on Haruka since she is part of the Outer Senshis.

One thing right off the get go is that Sailor Moon is pretty vibrant. It definitely reflects her anime counterpart. I've always liked the multi colored skirt and this is the first time we were introduced to the transparent shoulder pads (which are disappointingly not executed in her POP form), the long bow on her back, and the feathers(?) on her head. The lack of tiara on her head is inaccurate since this look didn't POP (there I go again) up in her full Sailor Senshi form until Sailor Stars season.

And this is the first time I have to bring it up on a POP review which is strange, but I suppose there is a first time for everything: she doesn't connect on her stand too well. In fact, her long pigtails is part of the reason she balances so well.

Now POPs aren't supposed to be super detailed. The Stylized form doesn't allow for that much detail, however, Usagi's hair seems a little dull. I know that Funko has done better than this. Doesn't look terrible, but note mentioning.

Despite the small things that I pointed out, she is still a cool addition to my POP line up. I love the details that are put in, the pose allows for her full uniform to be shown, and it definitely feels like a Sailor Moon figure. She's a Box Lunch exclusive and she is available there now so for any Sailor Moon fans that collect POP, I highly recommend her!

Until Next Time!

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