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Funko POP: Superior Spider-Man (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Before today, I wasn't aware that that Walgreens had a Superior Spider-Man exclusive. I was just in the neighborhood and decided to see what Marvel Legends they had and then this guy came around! What a nice surprise! Let's check him out!

I don't fully understand why Walgreens gets exclusive Marvel merchandise. They get exclusive Marvel Legends, Minimates, and POPs. I know why Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Gamestop, and Amazon does. It's a bit of a peculiar gimmick, but I suppose Walgreens still has a standing in the Action Figure collecting world.

I have to say it: Superior Spider-Man is one of my favorite Spider-Man alternate costumes. It has my color scheme, the legs, and Otto inside Peter's body meant: will do anything to get things done.

I also love his logo. Reminds me of Amazing Spider-Man logo; the Andrew Garfield one that so many people hate.

He isn't dynamically posed, but he doesn't have the vanilla posture of the old POPs. That and the extra legs behind his back makes him different enough. The one thing I can really admire is the fact that they went wit hthe sculpting route with his logo. I don't know why but I prefer that over decals any day.

POPs are also well known for their clean paint and partner that in with good color combo like Superior over here and you have yourself a really good looking piece that is vibrant as it is dark.

Here is Superior Spider-Man next to Stealth Suit Spider-Man (Hottopic exclusive). Believe it or not, he is only my second Spider-Man POP.

All in all, Superior Spider-Man is a neat addition to my POP line up. Being a fan of this suit and just the over all vibe this version of Spider-Man puts out, I definitely had to have him. For those who, for some reason, cannot access him through the Walgreens online store or can't find him in store, it's easy to find him through other online stores like Amazon or Ebay, though the price is a bit hiked up. I suggest find him now at Walgreens before his price blows up (like the Iron Spider, much to my disdain). Other than that, that's all for this review!

Until next time!

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