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Funko POP: The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (Comic Covers)

Alright! Another POP! This time it's another comic book cover POP. Now it's no secret that I'm not the biggest fan of these gimmicked POPs. But when it comes to special comic book covers and certain characters, I'll make exceptions. And this is, of course, Spidey in his Symbiote suit let's go!

Much like other comic book-inspired POPs, not all aspects of the cover were produced in its full form. The pose isn't 100% accurate to the comic book cover and not to mention, Spidey doesn't have an NPC in his arms--or a civilian. But the main focus is Spider-Man and that's not a bad thing either. While we won't be able to get a full-on 360-degree review on this particular POP, there are still good enough angles to see the work put into Black Symbiote Spidey. While the proportions are obviously Funko'd, it still looks good most definitely. I definitely wouldn't mind if this POP was just a regular POP outside the case. Then again, I have yet to own a Symbiote/Black Spider-Man POP.

I do like the aesthetics of these comic-cover POPs. A definite classic comic book for sure.

A good close-up of this POP makes me ache a Symbiote Spider-Man POP. I do hope to get one some day!

The comic book that inspired this POP. As a person who loves his suit for how it looks and what it spawns, I'm definitely up for more Black Spidey Suit merchandise!

Once again I'm going to reiterate that these Comic Cover types POPs are not my go-tos. However, when the characters and the comic book are all in my alley, then I will highly consider them (still waiting for THIS cover, for sure). They're also very good wall designs. Just about the only thing in my collection that has room. Recommend? Up to the kind of POP collector you are. As a Spidey fan? I'd say for a piece of history, hell yeah! Welps, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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