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Funko POP: Vanellope Von Schweets

Updated: May 5, 2019

The other protagonist of Wreck-it-Ralph 1 & 2, Vanellope! I don't have the POP from the first movie but I went ahead and picked up the POP Vanellope from the sequel! Let's just get right into the review!

I've talked about how I felt about the movie in this little POST. A lot of those feelings stems from personal experience, outlook, beliefs, and just overall how I perceive characters before and AFTER the sequel. Vanellope may be the central character I am looking at in terms of spinning the entire "ambivalence" that I was having after that movie. Still, she remains to be a pretty cool character in design and .... I suppose in her personality. They didn't change hers or anyone else's look for that matter, which I'm glad. There's really no used to since their overall design are pretty recognizable and well received. I personally like the look of each character and despite the main ones being from two different games/worlds, they mix real well. Even when Ralph is stuck in something like Sugar Rush, he's not TOO out of place since the style of the movie permits them to blend in--even if Ralph is a hulking behemoth compared to Vanellope and the rest of the racers. Every character is pretty vibrant save for the players in Hero's Duty like Calhoun. Vanellope is one of the vibrant characters both in design and personality and I like her that way!

Not a bad series but it mostly focuses on the characters from the sequel so I'll stick with Vanellope and the titular character himself.

Compared to Ralph, Vanellope is pretty tiny; both in her movie and her POP version. I mentioned in my Ralph Review that Mr. Wreck-it has some size for a normal sized POP, well, his little buddy definitely is the opposite; SMALL even for a normal POP--and honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. She's definitely in scale with her big buddy! And besides, the sculpting didn't really lose any of the details necessary to make this Vanellope recognizable. Her outfit alone has tiny little sculpting such as the lace and the wrinkles on her skirt. Vanellope's hair, one of her more signature style, are sprinkled with candy that are well sculpted and definitely given some attention to. Then there's her licorice hair tie that keeps her hair in a pony tail, again, very nice touch on the attention to detail. I also like how well her hair overall is done. I know that I've mentioned more than once that hair is not POP's biggest highlight with their figures but with Vanellope (and Ralph too it seems), there is something a bit more 'unique'. Maybe it's just Vanellope's vibrant and crazy hair style that makes it better--regardless, I like it. Then there's Vanellope's posture that is so fitting. The Sugar Rush Queen may be cute and small but she isn't with her sass and spunk. That and she is royalty so she should be able to stand with some kind of regality so this pose, hands on the hip with her hip cocked to the side is just right. It's like she's about to scold Ralph or something.

The coloring portion of this POP is pretty spot on, honestly. Vanellope's colorful and vibrant teal outfit is complimented by her black hair, which, on its own is peppered with bright colored sprinkles. She has a bit of white stripes on her leggings that aren't symmetrically, dark earth colored school girl skirt and black shoes that really meshes well with her overall bright color palette. All of these are present in her POP form and points to Funko for pulling it off. No complaints here, of course.

Here is Vanellope Von Schweetz next to her POP buddy, Ralph. Not in scale according to the movie but I'm sure there is a keychain version of Vanellope out there in POP form that one can try and replicate the size accuracy.

Vanellope is cute and so is her POP version. She may be a bit confusing in the second movie, but all in all, I like this POP. I recommend it to anyone a fan of Wreck-it-Ralph and happens to collect POPs.

Until Next Time!

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