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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Superman: Red Son)

Well well! Here we are with another Wonder Woman #POP! And yes, that's right. I'm still going for this series and I'm pretty much deep into getting most/all of them. Anyways, let's get to the review of Wonder Woman Red Son, shall we?

This version of Wonder Woman is from a Superman Elseworlds version. The idea of 'what if Clark Kent's ship landed in Russia instead of America' thing. Though it's not only Superman who is altered, seems that even our famous characters like Batman and Wonder Woman get a Russian version of themselves. for Diana, she's got a nice version as well and it's mostly because it harkens back to her golden age look but given the grey, red, and black love which I adore. Also, this version of Diana also gets Wonder Woman's obligatory fan service. More on that later!

It's quite obvious that I have gotten a hold of most of these. And there's one more on the way too so imagine that.

Again, I do like this outfit a lot. In terms of design, it's very familiar and I feel like it's a homage to the classic golden age and the such. As far as POP, #Funko actually did a good job replicating the Elseworld alternate of Diana. The sculpting on the skirt, the hair, and the flag are all well done. The pose isn't anything grand but it definitely is fitting. I think there was something else that's supposed to go with the red flag but it's just a plain ole red cloth. She's standing strong there ready to slap some poor guy with the flag.

The colors are also done quite well! While Wonder Woman's design is by the book WW theme, it has been mixed with a darker tone and all of these things are sharp and my copy has no imperfections. I love how the dark red blends with the black and the overall colors contrast with Diana's skin. The black and red bustier is awesome, both colors work well to make the eagle look respectable. The stars on her skirt are also perfect. Nicely done overall!

Just a nice pose over all, ain't it?

And yeah... I just have to point out that even Elseworld Russian Wonder Woman gets a moment of 'homage' to go with the golden age outfit.

Not only that, but the animated version also does a fine job replicating such a moment. With her own lasso too. Wonderful!

Well, here is POP Red Son Wonder Woman next to POP Challenge of the Gods Wonder Woman. While I can't definitely say that these are my two favorite ones, I will say that I do adore these ones quite a bit.

As I said, I do like this outfit for Wonder Woman and I enjoyed the story of Red Son quite a bit. The "other stuff" helps too. But as a POP, definitely enjoy this version. All in all, she comes highly recommended! The colors are great, and the pose is strong and Wonder Woman-like. Not much in the area of the complaint!

Until Next Time!

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