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Gaming: FFVII Rebirth / 25th Anniversary Stream

Well, there we go! "Rebirth". So how do we go about this? What are we going to do with the time line that we have changed, eh? What is and what isn't now? Well... I'm for one am very curious and more than excited to play. I'm just hoping that we get some things that aren't changed too much.

It's a trilogy too. How will it all work, right? We'll see!

And hey look! It's Crisis Core! I wonder how the gameplay is. Curious.

And then there's the rest of the stream. It's actually quite short but it's got some content there. It's all FFVII stuff and I'm glad that they finally addressed FFVII R pt.2--or should we say, FFVII Rebirth! Some exciting stuff when it comes to being a Final Fantasy fan!

Until Next Time!

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