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Gaming: (NOT) FFXVI -Demo-

Yes, I'm utterly behind with this news and yes I'm aware that this was an April Fool's joke. Though with Final Fantasy VII Remake hitting the web and having some pretty positive reaction, it begs the question as to when we will hear anything about Final Fantasy XVI. This character prototype demo that was played of as an April Fool's joke for 2019 definitely has some interesting things to show.

Don't know who this lovely maiden is but she sure has some pretty significant powers. Wouldn't mind having a story based on her, or at least, have her be the antagonist. We need stronger female villains in the Final Fantasy realm! I'm interested to see where they would take this character had this been real or perhaps, maybe they'll take her somewhere. Also the world she lives in... is in an artificial place in outer space. Very interesting idea.

At any rate, that's all Really have for now.

Until Next Time!

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