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GHJH: Yae Sakura (Honkai Impact)

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

This is a very unexpected addition to my collection (a common trend for 2022 it seems). I'm not exactly disappointed this lovely came around but, yeah, an unknown character with an unknown manufacturer--not to mention I believed she came from another game... and well, it was just confusing at first. But we are here to talk about the beautiful statue so let's get to it!

The packaging the statue comes in checks some of the boxes that one would expect from an import: window, artwork, prototype images, something that protects the figure, etc. The one thing it doesn't have is any brand or logo that markets the ones responsible for this beauty and/or a name/series in regards to this character. It's kind of odd if you ask me.

As I mentioned, the box is rather gorgeous though and the way it displays the figure both in artwork and prototype model is just beautiful. The white backdrop along with the peppered in sakura petals just finishes the ambiance. I can't complain. Albeit, the box is slightly flimsy so but the figure itself is fine. It does the job!

Gorgeous artwork!

Typical set up for a the back and it's nice. Those are the only writing you'll see in this box pertaining to this figure and I have ZERO idea what they are saying.

As far as the figure goes, there is some slight assembly required and it's not at all hard. It's easy and for the most part it connects.

What to say about Yae Sakura? Well, she's a gorgeous character. A bunny girl with pink hair with a body of a goddess--admittedly, this is not her usual attire (not that I know of) and also she has a "twin". Also, I thought that she was from Genshin Impact but come to find out that she comes from a game called "Honkai Impact"--games that are much alike and actually did a collaboration together so... there you go. And while Yae is far from being the only attracting character from there, it is easy to say that she has a certain appeal that makes her (and her twin) stand out. This statue made every use of said appeal and also gave her a pose and an outfit to lean on her attractiveness. The stand and the backdrop also helps accentuate Yae's womanly essence. And seriously, look at that pose, the sexuality of her legs are poised, her body leaning ever so, and the way the fan is suggestive by her face. Definitely sexy!

Details are not as intricate or as attentive as one would find in a #Bishoujo statue, though that is not something to take as a negative sine there are some sculpting involved. The branch she is sitting on as well as the cloth draped on it definitely has some work placed on them.

Admittedly, the backside is a bit less decorated and detailed, which isn't exactly quite surprising or detrimental.

Slightly crooked though she stays pegged on the stand.

Again, there are some good details given with the branch she sitting on, the pink fabric (translucent color also gives it more of a majestic feel), and from this angle, there are some appreciation for how her hair is very 'busy' in sculpt.

Color and paint job isn't something to shy away from. There is a pink and white theme here that is definitely potent but with all the variations of the colors, it all meshes together. There are also some shading involved especially with her hair that gives Yae more 'anime' feel within her plastic form.

That white dress is oh, so, gorgeous on her and with the base playing off with it really adds a natural compliment. And to top it off, making her look like she's 'floating' with the clear plastic, she's definitely got a celestial and sexy feel to her pose.

Now, the face isn't exactly the prettiest statue face but it is by no means ugly. It's sculpted and painted fine, maybe the mouth just looks odd but it's fine. Her hands shows the most in terms of 'low quality', butt it's not too bad nor does it break the deal. It's just fine, honestly.

The flesh tone is definitely a good juxtapose with all the white and pink; it's also a good color in general when depicting assets such as those.

What a lovely pose.

Now, it's hard to really get a full grasp of what is Yae's 'original/traditional' outfit since games such as this tends to have alternate outfits but the one on the left seems to be what I see her in the most; and no, I didn't find any artwork of her wearing the outfit presented with this statue. But clearly from the looks of things, she is some kind of samurai and/or kunoichi. She seems to wear an amalgamation of modern day 'anime-school girl' attire mixed with shrine maiden style. Without a doubt, Yae's a top-tier waifu that has herself a following, but all in all, seems to get lost with the plethora of attracting gals that the games of this series (Honkai and Genshin alike) push out. But hey, the statue got me to get a product of her, which in turn, got me to at least get introduced to a small portion of Yae Sakura's existence.

A character and the series that is unknown to me. The ones responsible for this beautiful statue even more of a stranger. Seems to be a common trend for 2022! Well, suffice it to say, I do like this beauty. It's got some weird detailing and lacking smaller things here and there, but all in all, a fantastic piece. I won't say that I highly recommend it, but for those who stumble upon it and think you want it, find it for a good price point (below the triple digit dollars) and I think it's well worth it.

Until Next Time!

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