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Hasbro Pulsecon 2021: Marvel Legends 2021

What business do I have with #Marvel_Legends? I don't review them anymore (heck, I don't even review figures as much, right?). Well, believe it for not, I'm still very interested in the toy line AND I might have one one on the way for a review! With that said, let's just take a look at some of the things that really caught my interest from #Hasbro's 2021 Pulsecon.

They're definitely going all out Toybiz, aren't they? From the CLASSIC days (Scarlet Witch) to the 90s Toybiz collecting times, Hasbro has no problem putting out the product where nostalgia and desire are all wrapped up in one!

I'm pretty sure I the Iron Man that this figure is based off of. It's MIB and that plastic cover definitely does not go against the test of time--that and it's just not environmentally friendly. I might pick up this Iron Man, I'm not sure. I have too many Iron Mans as it is and not enough space.

Speaking of nostalgia! They're definitely not pulling the punches on the 90s animated show. They did one for the Venom (will link the video below from SP's review) and now they're doing it on the all time favorite, X-Men! They're hitting the nail with that meme Wolverine and they are putting out the classic Jubilee! The box is also very well thought out because it looks like the VHS tape cover from back in the day. I MIGHT think about buying one of them for that sake. I loved Jubilee way back when and still kind of do. A 90s action figure of her wouldn't hurt me... just my space.

Yeah check out his review on this Venom! Pretty cool stuff!

The Iron Spider! One of my top favorite Spider-Man outfits! The one that came out a decade ago is definitely in need of an update and here it is! I definitely can't help but really want/need this. I don't know what kind of accessories we are going to get with this--but I don't really care. The "waldoes" don't look articulated either and that's fine. I'm for sure on this one as soon as it releases!

I know I'm behind and other reviewers/enthusiasts had done it already and better than me. But, I do want to share the ones that are really hitting the right feels and have a bigger chance of making it to my shelf! Here's to hoping they all come out great!

Until Next Time!

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