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Kaitlin's Front Page: REVIEW (The Slider's Review)

Taking a look at someone's review of a mainstream DiD moment! This is kind of a peculiar addition to the blog. Strange but not completely out of the realm of my content. VR Troopers--while not a show I would consider as high on my list as one of my favorites, it does provide us with one of my favorite episodes ever: Season One Episode 17 / "Kaitlin's Front Page".

Now I'm just going to just say it straight: the video is about "Women Empowerment" and it's no clickbait title. The YouTuber mentioned plenty of times that the show didn't do anything particularly empowering with Kaitlin since she never finished off any of the weekly monsters and that she's always struggling with the skugs. Also touched on the fact that she played the Damsel in Distress role in this specific episode.

So some key points to take away from this review:

  • This episode is not empowering.

  • The plot does not make sense.

  • Kaitlin does some cool things in 'civilian' form.

  • Kaitlin gets her front page but it doesn't make sense since the bad guys led her to the story... and the trap.

  • Kaitlin is a Damsel in Distress here.

I'm going to be doing some of these 'review' highlights here and there. While I'm starting this off with Kaitlin's Front Page, I might go on and see if I can have it with other mainstream DiD moments from movies and TV series. I guess I just like to hear if people will comment on the DiD scene, the ropework, the acting, and all of that. It's fun when it's from a non-DiD fan's point of view. So that's it for now.

Until Next Time!

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