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Keychains: Vhyrel (Terra & Rikku)

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

A piece of collection I normally wouldn't blog about but since these are some special pieces, I can't let the beauty of them pass us by. Besides, it's Rikku and Terra Branford. I can't afford not to feature them, especially if it pieces from a very talented artist, Vhyrel. Without further ado, let's look at them, shall we?

Just so we have them in front of us, the artwork above is what he drew up. Like most of his work, he takes characters (mostly Final Fantasy characters) and gives them fancier and more elegant-looking outfits. He also does a few things with their hairstyle and usually deviates from their traditional look. But as seen from the works on Terra and Rikku, they still retain the charm that makes the characters recognizable.

As for each keychain, they translated quite well. Every intricate detail within the drawing are present with these keychains--definitely appreciate that fact, of course.

Looking at Terra Branford first, Vhyrel made sure to take the FFVI protagonist's signature colors and put them on full display. Giving a spin with more elegance with a floral bustier, the crown (homage to her slave crown?), and then that sash that gives her a royalty/maiden-like presence. Her hair is also quite full and, dare I say, far more robust. Love that look too. Definitely an older-looking Terra. Beautiful, and fragile, but her presence does exude something lethal.

Rikku's look, Vhyrel clearly took her X-2 look into account far more. And I'm all for it. Much like Terra, Rikku is given a mature look; that's funny to say considering it's the X-2 look is what Vhyrel took into account. I do love how her hair still looks like her classic braid but with its own spin. The headband and the eyes are all there, and then she's also spruced up--seemingly ready to go to some kind of gala or ball. Now, wonder if our Spunky Al Bhed got her slow dance steps in line!

Honestly, I won't be using it as a traditional keychain. They're a bit too nice looking to be tossed and turned while in my bag and/or with my keys. They've got a price point too. However, they are a nice decoration!

This purchase is definitely a must for me. Terra and Rikku merch are quite rare in my collection in terms of action figures and statues (unless I'm trying to break myself). So when I find something like this, I'm definitely going to jump on. Vhyrel is also quite talented and their take on my favorite FF characters is something to admire. I highly recommend it, for sure! Well worth it!

Until Next Time!

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