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Master Line (Square Enix): Terra Branford (BBTS preorder)

I shouldn't even be talking about this statue any more! I can't afford it, I won't buy it, and I'll never have this in my collection! EVER! However, BigBadToyStore just showed more awesome promo shots and I can't help but just show off the amazing details that is asking for an arm and a leg. So here we go! Let's torture myself some more!

It's so gorgeous! So freaking beautiful!

Details. Details that I will never get to enjoy up close and personal.

And what kills me EVEN more is that they make it look like the classic FFVI cover! Just to put more salt in an already gaping and bleeding wound! WHY?!

And she is huge! It's definitely got some weight on the value but for $13K?! Yeah It's a hard and easy pass at the same time.

Maybe some miracle will one day put this thing in my hands. But most likely not. I like feeding myself and keeping a roof over my head! But, hey, at least I can admire from a distance, right? But yeah, go to BBTS if you want to preorder it, you lucky bastard.

Until Next Time!

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