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Kotobukiya: Future Releases

Well, it's that time! #SDCC 2022 is coming up so these Toy News and the such ain't gonna slow down but that's what I like to do! Share future releases of things that attract me! As usual, these aren't the entire thing and these may not even release due to a lot of things so I am just spreading news based on what I'm getting at the moment. So with that said, let's dive into 'em!

Let's start with characters that I don't know BUT definitely intrigue me! I don't even know this series but judging from that character design, this statue is going to be a looker. Especially if that is the promotional art for the sculpt!

Hey look! Males! Yeah the looks good. I probably won't be getting them but I do like how they look.

She looks good. That pose looks good! A gal with a big sword! I want to see the paint job to see her full glory.

I do not know who the is but I do adore how she looks, I love how she is sitting, and overall, I love her presentation. Will probably to be getting her but, again, something to show and admire.

GENSHIN IMPACT! I'm most likely going to get Lumine--hoping that she isn't too much and we get other characters that we are desperately wanting to have in statue form! But these look good though.

Trice Upon A Time is something I adore. Asuka as a 30 yr old version of herself? Yeah, I want that for sure. Price range is going to determine because we know it's going to deliver in terms of details and color-wise.

It's no surprise that these are reissued with Love and Thunder about. I like them, details are great, but I'm not going to jump this wagon for sure.

I didn't even know that this statue was happening. Or maybe I did but I forgot? I don't know to be honest but all I know is that I'm tempted yet again. Should I? I mean, never knew I wanted a Terry Bogard merchandise this much but here I am. But... how I can not, RIGHT? RIGHT?

Now I'm sure during the #SDCC 2022 is going to have some awesome reveals or at least, some physical images of the previously revealed statues. I'm going to keep a close eye and definitely show them on my blog!

Pretty excited!

Until Next Time!

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