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Evangelion: "Thrice Upon A Time"

I'm not going to get heavy on the review of Rebuild or even 3.0+1.0 because there are others who have done it better--done both the original NGE and the Rebuild series as a whole. I just kind of wanted to gloss over this because I just found out that the entire Rebuild 4-part was on Amazon Prime this entire time and so...I had to conclude it.

And There is one thing I want to point out that was in the title of this entire series that I didn't think would have a core meaning: REBUILD.

By the way, 3.33 had some awesome fight scenes. Just pointing out the obvious I know.

You cannot redo but your can rebuild. If we are talking anime with giant mechs, kaijus, and end of the world apocalypse, it just seems rebuild has to do with just that: mechs, the world, and kaijus. But this isn't about just that, is it? Evangelion was about a lot of things but I really lean on the notion that the anime represented a lot of the creator, his mental state, his growth, and where he is and this anime represents all of that.

Rebuilding from where we are and not trying to redo or undo what came before is truly a testament to self-growth and resolve. Represents the true nature of this thing we pilot called "life". Life keeps going with its ups and downs and we can either retreat to the things that are familiar... whether it be toxic, healthy, and stagnant.... or we can rebuild from our broken pieces and keep going to a brand new path.

Even if it's forced, sometimes going to the new road, to the unfamiliar and the one free from all the strings of the past is sometimes the way to rebuild.

Rebuild. Did I make my point yet? Hope so. Closures come in different ways and at times it may not present itself at all, but you have to go on. Make your own closures. You may be alone in this endeavor but you can advance. Just have to try. Even if it takes you two or three times, you can always rebuild and start anew for the better.

So Evangelion.

Good Night. Good Morning. Thank You. Good Bye.

Side note: Asuka is still my #1 but Mari just joined the list.

Until Next Time!

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