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Mafex (News): Ben Reilly Spider-Man

Well, here we go with another #Mafex preview and despite my excitement for this thing, I have yet to own a Mafex action figure so I'm going off the hype that this is a Ben Reilly action figure I have been dreaming of since the days I was playing with action figures.

Now, Ben Reilly is a character from the 90s--and he's got a lot of negative baggage that fans put on him due to the (in)famous Clone Saga. Long story short, he was Scarlet Spider and he became Spider-Man--for a moment. His outfit, while still very much Spider-Man, had its own twist, and it's a twist I actually LIKE better than the original Peter Parker's outfit, believe it or not.

He's also blonde underneath that mask and that doesn't bother me, really. It bothered a lot of people for some reason. It's a good change and I wish that he was given a bit more time to shine since Reilly had some good things going for him. I know I'm a minority in this since the Clone Saga and Ben Reilly is famously detested. I know the story wasn't that great and there was a lot of confusion, some VERY dragged out storyline, so on, and so on. Still, I enjoyed Ben Reilly and Mafex providing us with this action figure, I'm all for it. I preordered it and I'm ready to go! Though from what I heard, Mafex has a habit of delaying.... we'll see when I actually get this. Still, I'm excited.

Until Next Time!

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