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Mafex: (News) Jim Lee Psylocke

I don't own any #Mafex in my collection. Me venturing out that direction may be a bit daring and illogical since I'm not sure how well Mafex will scale with my other stuff. But scaling doesn't matter all too much with how I display. It's the room that's the issue, right?

While Psylocke is not up there like Spider-Woman, I will say she's pretty high on my waifu list. Especially this look. I love the strap-y boots on her right.

Look at that pose with them swords, eh?

She's got psi-knives and some psi-blast, and the whole nine yards!

She's got plenty of accessories too! That sash with the swords! Yeah!

And it looks like she's pretty articulated too so there's much to enjoy!

I am a bit worried about the alternate face though. I get what they're trying to do wit the gritting face but I do hope they fix it a bit. Something's off..... right?

At any rate, still not sure if I am going to pull the trigger. I don't know. We'll see. Tempted. Probably!

Until Next Time!

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