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Marvel Legends: 2020

It's been some time since I have gotten my hands on a #Marvel_Legends action figure. It will probably be a long time until I pull the trigger and actually get myself one again with the limited space I have in my game room at the moment. But I can't help but enjoy some of these things that are being shown off. I won't go into EVERY single figure but I will highlight some of the ones that interest me. So, let's get to it!

I'm actually watching X-Men Apocalypse right now. Funny enough.

The Fox X-Men has been a hit or miss for me. Hugh Jackman was an alright Wolverine and my other favorite X-Men has been wasted. Olivia Munn was a pretty hott Psylocke even if they wasted her too. Oh, action figures! These look pretty amazing, actually. Details are getting better over the years. Of course, these are prototypes but it starts out pretty good.

Speaking of Psylocke! Here's a 3-pack with Nimrod and Fantomex. I could care less about Fantomex but Nimrod and Psylcoke look pretty darn good. That Nimrod though! That's a space taker but man, is a beast!

This Apocalypse is savage! Age of Apocalypse is one of those 90s thing that I was fond of and the titular character is.... well... kind of important. I have the #toybize and the new #Hasbro version of him. Probably will miss out on this but it's good to show off.

This 2-pack is kind of a weird one but man, does Pyro and Rogue look good! The toybiz Pyro aged well in my opinion but Hasbro has been doing a good job remaking some of the older toybiz action figures.

I like the 90s Rogue outfit but this isn't that bad at all. This is one of those tempting ones to get, for sure.

Retooled body molds but I won't complain at how they utilized them.

The Hellfire Club! White Queen! Black Queen! Shaw! And that cyborg guy. What a lovely set! Even the box is amazing.

The Hellfire Club set that is practically as 90s Emma Frost sexy-ness as you can get! It's an exclusive from my understanding so as much as I don't go after the easy to hunt ones, I will definitley miss out on this. Still, it's good to gawk from a distance.

And I'm just going to spam some pictures now.

Which reminds me, I need to watch Logan still.

And then there's this guy:

This guy is a special Hasbro project. Standing extremely tall and pricing around a #Hot_Toy caliber, I highly appreciate what they are doing with this. I won't be getting it, but it seems that Hasbro is committed to pleasing its consumers. The dollar on its head is a bit too much for me, but hey, that's just me.

Now, again, I won't be getting some of these, if any--most likely not--but I am fascinated with how far this toyline has come. I will continue to watch from a distance and perhaps when certain characters that are really dear to me comes around, I might take a bite. In the mean time, hope y'all will enjoy what's coming within the weeks and/or months! In the mean time, ShartimusPrime can break it down better than me!

Until Next Time!

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