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Marvel Legends: BAF Sasquatch

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The Sasquatch BAF Wave was something that divided my feelings on Marvel Legends BAFs. While it's obvious that most of the figures from this wave I enjoyed, the figure one has to build isn't exactly the character I found myself excited for. I'm not a big fan of the Canadian team of Marvel, and I am even less of a fan of Sasquatch. But my feelings for the character to the side, let's check out this BAF from the Deadpool wave!

I feel with BAFs, size must be talked about; standing straight, he's about 8 inches tall. He may not be HUGE, but at least he still stands taller than the average 6 inches Marvel Legends. So in the grand scheme of things, yes, I do believe Sasquatch is worthy to be a BAF with the size he offers. May not be as big as what most people would want, but at least he isn't Mantis size or Okoye. Something that Hasbro really needs to steer away from because smaller figures should not account as BAFs; especially when we have figures like Colossus and Death's Head who are bigger than average 6 inches figures, and they're not the BAFs. Lizard, while I didn't go over in detail with his size and height, qualifies, even if he has some issues with his leg articulation that hinders his full height.

Now as far as his sculpting goes, once again Hasbro does a fine job with the details. With BAFs, it's not as often we get recycled parts and if we do, it's minor (unless the BAF figure is a reissued figure). With Sasquatch, the details are all over. The sculpted lines that represent his fur is done well and looks like fur. His body has muscular features that fits the character and the way his limbs are sized definitely fits how a creature like this would be. The only gripe I have is that his face seems a bit too neutral and one will see what I mean once I do a comparison.

The coloring on this guy isn't bad at all. In fact, it showcases (for me) some of Hasbro's finer work. It's not super detailed, but for what we get, it's definitely good. The auburn color of his fur is coated with darker tones of brown tone, which, just from the naked eyes, I can spot a total of two darker shades. Said darker tones are mostly on the tip of his fur, his loin fur, shoulders, and his head. They also act as shading, so some areas are shaded where shadowing needs to be. Other than the colored nails (on his fingers and toes), his red eyes are the only areas that get different coloring. It's simple paint application, but they the figure justice.

For the most part, posing this guy around feels like a standard Marvel Legends figure. The only thing is that his arms do not bend as far back as most male figures do; I'll partially put that blame on the fur details on his forearms. His head can't look all the way up because of that hair/fur on the back of his head so he won't be seeing a clawed-Canadian mutant come slashing from above. His ab-crunch could make up for that, but he could look awkward with the usage of that articulation. He has a really good base (his weight distribution, and his feet; he doesn't come with a base. This isn't #Toybiz days, mind you!), so posing him around is pretty easy to do. So not ground breaking, very few complaints, so in turn, he isn't disappointing when it comes to articulation.

Speaking of articulation, here is the new Hasbro Sasquatch next to the Toybiz Sasquatch. Again, Toybiz's legendary Marvel Legends Legacy is getting more and more obsolete (if it isn't already for some); the previous Sasquatch still has good details and has the more savage facial expression, but those joints don't do it justice; it looks skinny and proportioned compared to Hasbro.

All in all, I actually ended up liking this figure a lot more than I thought I would. At first he was one of those unnecessary figures because I already had the Toybiz one; and I'm not a big fan of Alpha Flight so a Sasquatch figure wasn't and still not high on my priority list to have. But having this figure doesn't disappoint me. He has awesome details, he poses just nice, and he has very few shortcuts. Sure alternate hands and face always helps, but when effort is there, I can't nag Hasbro on not giving more reasons to up the price. So all in all, I'd say he isn't a bad purchase but definitely not a necessary one. Being a BAF definitely helps his presence in the shelves of collectors like myself, for sure!

Lowest(ONE) number being my least, highest(EIGHT) being my favorite:

  1. Paladin - Not a fan of this character. No appeal for me even if he isn't badly made.

  2. 1st Appearance Deadpool - For a Deadpool figure, he doesn't quite catch because he lacks the fun things about Wade Wilson: A ton of accessories!

  3. Sasquatch - Nicely made, no real appeal to me since I'm not a big fan of the Canadian team.

  4. Cable - Wanted to like this figure more, but that body mold is just awful. Can only hold guns with one hand doesn't help.

  5. X-Force Deadpool -Love this figure with the exception of those awful choice of guns. Also, he can't hold his katana with his right hand at all.

  6. X-23 - What would have put this figure higher is having swap outs for her face, face, and feet--for that lone claw on both her feet missing is just a crime!

  7. Deathlok - Definitely the underdog! Did not expect to love this figure as much as I did!

  8. Domino - Had fun with the photoshoot like Deathlok. Beautiful figure and easy to pose!

Well, that's about all I have to say on this wave! I hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for reading this far!

Until Next Time!

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