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Marvel Legends Lizard BAF: Lasher

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Next on the review spot is none other than Lasher! Another obscure character, that's for sure. Not a common fact: there are a handful of Symbiote based Marvel characters and Lasher is just one of them. Well, enough of that! Let's check out the Marvel Legends Lasher!

Again, no use of talking about the box since it's all the same from the previous two figures.

I'll be honest, I like this promo shot! They actually posed the figure right!

Well it seems to be a common theme in this wave: lack of accessories. I'm not sure if this will carry over to future waves but I'm not liking this. But I suppose the tendrils is something appreciate. He also comes with Lizard's head for the BAF.

Lasher here is also not saved from the recycled body parts method that Hasbro does. The head is from the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider and the rest of the body along with the tentacles comes from Superior Venom. Basically, the coloring is the only thing new that you will get out of this guy, which can be a bit underwhelming for anyone looking to get a 'new' Lasher figure. If they only redid the tentacles, that would be nice. I'll go more in detail with that.

The body mold itself isn't that bad. He's a bit more skinny, but he does fit the Spider-Man body type. He definitely does fit from what I remember Lasher looks like. I can't really complain about it, but I think a 'booted' version for his feet would have been more fitting; then again, he might have been 'barefoot'.

The pain job on him is pretty clean. Sure there isn't a lot of details, but the colors given and the way they are lined are pretty good. The shiny dark green looks good, and the brighter green is a good contrast against it. Once again, not a whole lot of details put, but it's something.

Now the sculpt on his tentacles are good, don't get me wrong, but they do not offer much in terms of poseability. I once thought that they each tentacle must be ported on specific parts on his back, but luckily they're not so it offers a bit more dynamic. Bendy-wire would have done much better. Hasbro should really start getting into that for characters like Constrictor, Omega Red, and of course, Doctor Octopus.

With a body mold that offers double jointed limbs, butterfly joint shoulders, ab crunch, waist swivel, and the whole nine yards, expect this guy to be able to do almost whatever a Spider-Man can. This is definitely the figure's highlight, if one leans more towards articulation rather than aesthetics.

Marvel Legends Lasher isn't bad, but he isn't good either. As a figure with reused parts, don't expect something grand. I came in knowing that already and since I don't have Superior Venom, he doesn't disappoint me as much. He's definitely part of a team that would be cool to see together. With the coming of a Venom wave, we know we are going to see Scream and one can only hope that we see Phage, Riot, and Agony. Other than that, that's about it for this guy.

Until Next Time!

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