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Marvel Legends Okoye BAF: Invincible Iron Man (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Yes! Just what I wanted and needed! Another Iron Man figure! In a BAF wave that certainly does not warrant an Iron Man figure, we certainly got one. Blame it on his popularity in the #MCU. Here's the question: does this figure deliver?

It's safe to assume that Iron Man will be appearing in Marvel Legends BAF waves that almost has nothing to do with him. Just looking at the roster in the box, he just sticks out like a sore thumb. While he is an armored #Avenger like T'Challa, he really shouldn't be in this wave. But you know, he is a cash cow figure so Hasbro capitlizes on that.

It's pretty transparent that they just threw an Iron Man figure in this wave just to get another Iron Man figure out. Least he's not necessary to build Okoye for those now wanting another Iron Man figure in their collection.

As I said, not neccessary to get Tony Stark to complete this BAF wave since he doesn't have any BAF piece for Okoye. Still, he gets a pretty good amount of accessories that makes him stand out on his own. Two pair of hands, two heads, a gun, and two blaster special effects (that are seriously warped), I'd say this is good!

The new helmet is something I actually like. Looks like a combination of his original Extremis and Modular helmet.

The alternate face is the current look for Tony Stark. Looks good enough.

Now the entire figure does not get a lot of paint shading or variations of color. Of course Iron Man has always been a dominantly red and gold character. His newest armor goes back to a simple design that features his famous red and gold color scheme. There are slight tints of grey here and there and of course the his arc ray, his eyes, and his hands have blue/teal paint to signify the brightest part of his armor.

The sculpt itself is executed quite nicely. I do like this armor and as a figure, it really does make simple look amazing. Not a lot of things going on, but the way it all comes together with the color scheme, the sculpted work on his torso, and just the sleek way he stands definitely shows that simplicity is genius.

The gloss on the red and gold also gives him that metallic look. Really well done!

This armor is very sparing of the gold color and he doesn't get a ton of it in his back. Normally this just makes it look too mundane, but with all the extra sculpting done on his back, this one turned out well!

Now as far as his articulation goes, he is also pretty standard and he won't disappoint. The majority of what we want out of a Marvel Legend is all present in here.

There are some flaws with this figure no doubt about that. The first is the fact that his repulsor hands do not have swivels. I'm used to all alternate hands having the option of articulation. Albeit it's not really something that I miss terribly, it's just noting that this is the first time I came across that. Also, some of his joints came out of the package loose (right elbow, left elbow, and his ab crunch).

I also pointed out that I had QC issue with the blast effect being warped and I was able to rectify that with hot and cold water. They're both straight and for the most part, convincing.

This is definitely a fun figure to get some pics of!

In conclusion, oversaturation is an understatement when it comes to #Marvel_Legends and #Iron_Man. There are some who love the coninuous Stark content we are getting, there are those who are tired of it. If you are like me and love to build your Hall of Armors, then this is a must. He isn't of course, as I had mentioned, a necessity to complete the Okoye Wave, but in my humble opinion, he is a must for any Iron Man fan. While mine came with a few minor QCs, I can honestly still say that purchasing him was not a disappointment at all!

Until Next Time!

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