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Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF: Paladin

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Seriously, who is this guy? I feel like a fallen Marvel fan for not knowing a lot about him. It just goes to show that Marvel Legends is really going for more characters that are in the shadows of obscurity. Nothing wrong with that idea, but let's see how this Marvel Legends of Paladin does!

At least he comes with a few accessories. And yes, this is a Deadpool wave so be prepared for lots and lots of freaking #Deadpool!

From the looks of things, it's not a bad looking wave.

Lots of Marvel characters with firepower! That means GUNS everywhere!

This body mold is something that Hasbro has leaned on as 'another' average body; it's from the Spider-UK figure and it fits. I do believe the chest piece, the one for his bullet proof vest might be brand new which is pretty good. The texturing is nice and the way it is shaped really fits well with the 'swat' look he is going for; the gauntlets and boots are quite nice as well. The head is alright; looks a little big, honestly.

The colors are clean since most of the plastic are separately sculpted; which is why I like things better that way at the retail department of 'collectible' items since paint slop doesn't happen as often. The choice purple and black fits well together, so that much isn't something to gripe about.

At let he comes with some accessories rather than just the #BAF piece. Hoping there will come a time when accessories get a little more details; more coloring like the knife in with Paladin. But that will most likely up the cost.

As far as his articulation goes, he's pretty standard. Nothing to really be shocked about. He has those weird issues with his shoulders just like the characters who had this mold did: the ridge on top of his shoulder doesn't allow for full range of movement. Other than that, I got him in some pretty decent photos.

The Marvel Legends Paladin is probably the figure I was the least excited for. Knowing very little about the character, and the small details I do know doesn't make him stand out from the other 'assassin-gun-wielding-martial-arts' Marvel characters. But this figure does have some decent work put into him. That vest of his will be a good use for other figures, I can imagine. All in all, I think this guy would make a henchmen type of character. For anyone into 'army-building', this is a good one to use for that since he looks generic enough. Well, that's about it.

Until Next Time!

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