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Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF: X-23 (X-Force)

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Definitely one of the figures I was looking forward to! Laura Kinney/X-23 is one of my favorite X-Men characters and to have a revamped Marvel Legends X-23 was on my wishlist for a long while. Even better, we get her X-Force version so I can't complain. So let's get right into the review!

I'm assuming that Laura Kinney got placed into the Deadpool wave because of the fact that she was part of the X-Force at one point. Funny thing is that Deadpool and her were never on the same X-Force team. Still, I'm glad we got her and I didn't care which wave. The side art looks amazing too.

What a lame pose, to be honest. Okay, it's not too bad, but I do wish that they gave her a better X-23 pose.

It's a good body sculpture, just to get that across right off the get go. It's a teenage body mold that really fits Laura Kinney's body frame. She is a smaller character with, a no surprise, an endowed body that can make a lot of people break their neck as she walks by. Nicely curved, and well proportioned in the idea of comic book heroines. Probably the one notable thing about X-23 is how well her face and hair is done. Love the dynamic of her hair that allows for some good action shots. She has a separate sculpted belt that always gives figures like these some depth, and I do like the way they sculpted the straps on her boots. So some good attention here.

I wish her claws had a more metallic shine to them like previous Wolverine claws. Laura's seems dull and not adamantium looking enough.

Other than asking for some shading on the hair, the rest of the coloring is decent. I like the palette choices for the grey and black, truly a reminiscent of X-23's days as an X-Force member. Then those red eyes are just cleanly painted. No complains, really.

What would have rectified this obvious flaw of the figure is giving some accessories. I wanted to wait until this portion to talk about her lack of claws on her feet; a signature of X-23's snikting that distinguishes her from Logan's signature claws. An alternate pair of feet would have done well, but no. Another Hasbro missed opportunity.

The best at what SHE does.

Going over her articulation, this is something that is definitely familiar to all Marvel Legends collector. This mold has been around for a few figures but surprisingly, her elbow joints have more range of movement compared to previous female figures! It does the figure justice since she a lot of Wolverine related characters' poses involves having elbow joints bending beyond the ninety degree angle! Still, wish she got some alternate feet! Would have done more action shots involving her cutting people with her claws on her feet!

I really liked the first team Wolverine had of the X-Force; I would have traded Warpath with Psylocke, but all in all, it was a decent and strong team.

In conclusion, I really can say that I LOVE this figure. There are major flaws, yes, but it's a figure worth having for anyone who is a big X-23 fan and/or love Wolverine's run with the X-Force. Hasbro has my confidence that they can make good female figures, what they need to do is give figures like Spider-Woman and X-23 the attention they give someone like Gwenpool. Still, I highly recommend her! Marvel Legends is hitting some good areas with the proper character line ups! That and we are getting updated and BETTER figures of the old Toybiz days (the BAFs are questionable though). Keep it up!

Until Next Time!

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