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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: King Cobra (Serpent Society)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I remember this guy from the 1992 Trading Cards of Marvel

Slithering our way is another obscure Marvel character! A Marvel Legends of King Cobra from the Serpent Society isn't something I was asking for or was looking forward to. I don't now much about this character, all I know is that he is the leader of the infamous Serpent Society that Captain America often tangled with. At any rate, let's check out this #Marvel_Legends!

The box says: "Serpent Society" and not the actual name of this character. But regardless, I looked it up and made sure that this character, the leader of Serpent Society, is named King Cobra. Honestly, I don't think I have ever read a comic book that includes this guy at all. Maybe the vigilante run of the New Avengers when the Hood led a band of villains? Not sure. At any rate, side art looks good for this character.

Second to the last character from this wave to finish this entire wave!

An iconic BAF piece, but the only accessory that comes with King Cobra. I won't speak anymore about this.

King Cobra may not be the figure I was really interested in, but I will say that his aesthetics surprise me. I genuinely like how this guy looks in his Marvel Legends form! While his arms and legs are recycled pieces (his whole body might very well be 'borrowed' from a previous figure), I don't own any other figures that uses the scaled limbs so this is all new to me. The added piece of his cape and cowl all seems to be brand new and their uniqueness to King Cobra is definitely appreciated. His masked face is also well done so no real complaints with the overall execution of this body mold and its added pieces.

King Cobra isn't shadowed or detailed in the paint department but he does come with a variety of colors and different pieces that differentiate the colors of this character well enough. He is very vibrant and in some areas, might be a bit too bright and there aren't a lot of offsetting things. Definitely not the worse I got from #Hasbro and since the paint job is clean, I don't think there is anything really negative about this portion.

As far as his articulation goes, he is standard. You won't get any surprise from this figure and the only thing note worthy to mention is that maybe his new cape and cowl might get in the way of certain poses, but overall, not something I found to be hindering. I don't think this guy does a lot of acrobatics, but I could be wrong.

At the end of the day, I don't think I can say that this figure did anything bad nor did it do anything good to really put him on the radar. King Cobra comes with the hand of #Thanos that holds the Infinity Gauntlet so that makes him a must to some degree. All in all, just the same trend with this Marvel Legends Wave in terms of its figures: mediocre, lack to no accessories, and standard aritculation. Though one thing is certain, he looks cool enough and pays homage to his comic book counterpart. That's about it with this guy!

Until Next Time!

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