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Marvel Legends: (Toy News) Spider-Woman & Veranke

It's been since #2021 since I even snagged a Marvel Legends action figure! I've promised myself that I am only going to go for must-have characters. And the "must-have" list is very small--mostly Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman (and perhaps some other female characters, but even that is rare). Well, what do you know? Hasbro Pulse announced two figures that I MUST HAVE. Let's look into these two, shall we?

I wanted that outfit in action figure form or statue form the moment I saw Jess don a new outfit. Well, #Hasbro was going to give in one way or another. It's not even a question. She's a must, for sure. Just waiting on preorders.

Now, Veranke is kind of a fickle part of my love for Jessica Drew. Considering that she was part of the New Avengers storyline--a big part of my history with comic books--I do have to say that she's a must. That and that body mold are kind of tempting me. Definitely, just a retool of the Thanos BAF Spider-woman.

That's the entire stream to get more details that a purposely skipped out on. And for sure, I left out a LOT. Go have fun.

I know, right? Me talking about Marvel Legends. What can I say? Give me Spider-Woman stuff, and I'm all game. Though to be honest, I may have some Marvel Legends-related stuff coming up here soon. So I'm not that distant from Hasbro.

Until Next Time!

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