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MCU Phase 4

So there are others that reported this already but I'll give some quick thoughts on this. Again, plenty of things revealed out and I'll leave some links on some vloggers who all went in depth with these news.

Black Widow

This movie is supposedly post Civil War. I'm not sure why they went this route and what kind of impact it will have considering how much happened after Captain America 3 and then, of course, the heart breaking fate of Natasha in #Endgame. But so far, the #MCU has been amazing with a few mishaps here and there. Set to be released next May 2020.


I am somewhat familiar with The Eternals from the Comic Book. This might not be the biggest household name now but this movie has some star power in it. This has Angelina Jolie AND Salma Hayek!

Yes, that's right Salma Hayek! Yeah, her. She was definitely ONE of my crushes from way back when since Dusk Til Dawn.

Need more proof on how divine this girl is?

Yeah, she was definitely one of my highlights from that movie. Now, I doubt she'll be as provocative in Eternals as much as she was in Dusk Til Dawn, but Salma Hayek is still freaking gorgeous. I'm definitely curious about this movie now. But will have to wait almost a year and a half; out in November 2020.


It's not Wanda "and" Vision; it's literally a shipping title. They should've added "x" or something. Regardless, this is not going to be a movie. It's going to be a TV series for Disney's streaming service that I am absolutely tempted to subscribe to once it comes out. It has a few more of Marvel's TV series projects that I will talk about.

There are plenty of talks about this theme and how it will be a peculiar one. I definitely interested in this. I love Elizabeth Olsen as a Wanda. Apparently this series we'll see her take in the role of "Scarlet Witch". Interesting. Will have to wait until 2021 though.


This might be a weird thing for me to say but a lot of Loki's charm wore off on me somewhere between Avengers and Infinity War. Now that doesn't mean I am a Loki Hater, FAR from it. I actually still think he's hilarious but he was given far too much focus and I think his arc should have ended in Dark World. But, we'll see where this will go. It's based on the Loki mere moments after his defeat in the original Avengers. Disney+ in Spring 2021.


I'm not sure where they will take this. Post Endgame? Prelude to his first appearance in Thor? Time jumps? It's interesting enough and I will definitely take a gander. Can't say I have been the biggest Hawkeye fan but we'll see. It's also a series so that's something. Disney+ Fall 2021.


It's hard to convince me that there is someone else that can take reigns of the Daywalker's blade. Wesley Snipes was hitting the right notes back in the day when comic book movies are considered a 'few-hit-wonders'. We'll see how this goes because we are in a new era with new expectations. The actor, Mahershala Ali is someone I am familiar with due to his role as Cottonmouth in the Luke Cage Netflix film. He's apparently a well regarded actor but I have yet to see his other films so we'll see. I'm pretty sure I'll give him a chance but whatever this Blade turns out to be, I'm sure it will be better than Blade Trinity, though beating the first and second Blade will be hard in my eyes. No date announced but Kevin Feige wants it known that it's on its way.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

You know what, I'm actually pretty excited for this! After Civil war, I was utterly sold on Bucky's and Falcon's chemistry. And it looks like they're going to play off the #Endgame's ending with Falcon as Captain America. Hey, I'm all for it. Coming Fall 2020 on Disney+ as a TV series.


The one thing that is really interesting with this is the subtitle: "The Legend of the Ten Rings". They're going to be tackling the Mandarin? Perhaps some call back to Iron Man with this? That's really smart. After all, Shang-Chi is an obscure character and they need something to make him sellable. Out in theaters 02/21/20.

Doctor Strange

The Multiverse of Madenss, huh? So are we actually going to tackle that idea? Shouldn't be Blade be in the same realm as Dr. Strange? Can we get Ghost Rider too? Well, very interested where this is going to go. Wonder if they will build up to a Midnight Sons? Will be in theater May 2021.

What If...?

Now this is interesting. I love the What Ifs series. It has produced some of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. Though I am afraid since it is going to be an animation show. We are already somewhat aware of how Marvel handles their animated series.

From my knowledge, Uatu will be narrating this series. Stays true with the comic book, which is awesome. Coming to Disney+ Summer 2021.

Thor 4

Thor is going to be the first of the solos to get a fourth movie. The title is also quite hilarious and the fonts used reminds me of back in the day. The original director, Taiki Waititi will reprise his role as well as Chris Hemsworth as the titular character. Tessa Thompson will be making a come back and here's the surprise:

Jane Foster as Lady Thor?! Now I'm not the big fan of that arc but I'm not against to having Natalie Portman back. We'll see how this goes. Coming in November 2021.


Now beyond what is shown, the announcement of Fantastic 4, X-Men, Captain Marvel 2, and Black Panther 2 also puts a huge powerhouses for the future of the #MCU. We'll see how this whole thing goes. I had a feeling that I was done with the MCU after #Endgame but, I'm back to a good hype. We'll see how this goes then!

(UM. Spider-Woman, anyone!?)

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