• Onyx

Mezco ONE:12 Iron Man

Updated: May 5, 2019

This is my ver first Mezco One:12 Collectible and of course it has to be Iron Man himself! This was an action figure that has been in my preorder cart for a LONG time and there was actually a time when I took it out of my cart because I wasn't sure if I could pay that price for another Iron Man figure and with a company I am not familiar with. But after watching reviews from Action Figure Enthusiasts such as Fwoosh and ShartimusPrime, I was sold. So without further adieu, here we are with my review of the Mezco One:12 Iron Man.

"By Collectors. For Collectors."

Again, this is my first exposure with Mezco so I'm going to talk a little bit about the design and aesthetics of the box. First thing I am introduced to is the nice red box with the classic logo of Iron Man back in the day he was considered "Invincible". The fonts of his name are colored yellow and red and made to look with some iron gimmick. Definitely nostalgic and classic if I do say so myself. I like the simple words: "Pose. Play. Display." underneath the One:12 insignia. The same insignia can also be found on the side along with an Iron Man face emblem and "Mezco Toyz" on the bottom. Again, another cool quote which signifies that this toy line are made by geeks like me. I'm surprised they didn't use Iron Man's older "Shellhead" head for the logo. The one they chose leans more on the modern take and/or the MCU look. It certainly doesn't match the helmet of the action figure inside. Not a big thing but it's something to point out. Overall, the design of the box is something I like. It's a good way to get introduced to Mezco. Boxes are a BIG part of the action figure's safety and it is also a factor to judge just how much time and effort a toy company puts with little details and/or how much they go out of their way to please their customers. At the end of the day I'd take the knowledge of having my action figure being safe as it is going through the delivery phase but I'm not one to shy away from cool aesthetics especially when it pays homage to the character the action figure is made after. So with that said, Mezco won me over with this.

Of course the back of the box shows off what's inside. Accessories, pose options, and just a great way to showcase the beautiful piece of collectible within.