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MGL Toys: Frozen II Elsa Statue

Hey! What?! A Snow Queen Frozen II Elsa statue with Nok? Yeah, this one definitely is for the diehard collectors with extra cash! Right off the get-go, I will say that the price point is pretty high up there. Marking to ~$570. YEAH! That's a high price point. Most likely won't pull the trigger, but it is nice to look at. With that said, let's do just that, shall we?

The base itself is pretty detailed. But look at all that ice and water effects! I know this is just a prototype, but look how beautiful that is! It's definitely a sight to behold!

Again, look at that ice and water effect. In fact, look at that snow! The crystalline snowflake in the background also shows the Four Spirits symbol. The price point definitely seems justifiable when you look at certain angles. Beautiful looking.

Speaking of beautiful, Elsa is rather breathtaking in this sculpture. Now, I'm always going to be team braided-hair Elsa, but she looks gorgeous in her Snow Queen look, for sure. Can be PREORDERED now. Also payment plan can be implemented. Also, why is the background Frozen I themed? Also, why is the logo promoting this sculpture Frozen I? Have they no shame?

And Haru (@Xlayers) just had to make a render of it, didn't they? They're the reason why I found this piece! They took inspiration from that statue's posing. Talk about synergy!

Well, let's see if it's in the budget. Doubt it. But hey, it's gorgeous. Frozen 3 merch, anyone?

Until Next Time!

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