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Nier Automata: Anime Trailer

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Here we go! I talked about this some time ago. It's definitely something I am looking forward to! I am a huge fan of the game, I love the characters, I thought about my life after beating it--and I really want to get more of it.

Now there are going to be some changes (thus 1:1a), that much is obvious and I'm all good for it. Though I wouldn't be opposed if it's the same because it's a good story and I do want it seen through the cinematic lens. The animation looks really good too and I appreciate the love being put into this. That trailer, though short, is definitely giving. Again, I'm all for it.

And yes! 2B and A2 going back to the limelight along with the other fantastic characters? I'm all for it. Also, this is coming in January 2023. I might have to subscribe to Crunchyroll .... dang it. Well, I'll keep tabs on this for sure.

Until Next Time!

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