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Art Share: Ada Wong Remake

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Oh man! I have a RE 2 Remake initial thoughts waiting on my drafts folder. I'll get right into it as soon as I finish Claire's campaign (I'm out of practice and the first play through I'm probably going to rank F!). But until I do, I can't help but notice just how attracting Claire is. Rekindling some old crush and we all know what rekindling and crush goes to (Terra Branford, anyone?). But I also started seeing some screenshots of Ada Wong some time back and... yeah. The art about is from none other than the talented Liang-Xing. This pose is just downright sexy! Guess Ada makes time to be downright seductive in a post apocalyptic world, eh?

Speaking of the beautiful Claire Redfield, there's one of her with Ada being sexy in her original RE 2 outfit; I can't complain about her regular attire since she does look rather good with a red leather jacket, jeans and boots. Ada.... well Ada is just downright sexy and we all know it. NeoArtCore provided the art to the left and above. Seriously, check out his art for more amazing stuff! Can't help but freaking gawk at just how wonderful the artwork are! Nothing like sexy gals made even sexier through some good posing and some, you know, somewhat out-of-character intentions. But who says you can't be sexy in a zombie infested world? Juliet, Saya, and the gals from OneChanBara did it!

And can't help but put a DiD of Ada in there! I bet as time flies by, we're going to start seeing a LOT more of these! Heck, I might even jump the bandwagon and toss my money at some of it! ChopinDraw is an artist I just noticed through this wonderful DiD art of Ada! Definitely worth check out the gallery!


Well, that's about all I can share at the moment! I'm sure there will be more in the future! And I swear I'll get some thoughts on RE2 Remake some time soon! It really is that good that I find myself wanting to play that game every chance I get!

Until Next Time!

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