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Art Share: Elsa & Jessica

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This is a nice surprise out of nowhere! Remember TheLingeringShadow (also goes by WildCard4774)? This Deviant literally dropped a Christmas present in the form of an artwork from the amazing Snadiya whom I have used quite recently for a #commission. Again, this was a wonderful surprise and I can't express just how thankful I am for this! Now, before I continue gawking at how fantastic this is, let me just review this wonderful gift.

Who are the (un)lucky gals in a certain #DiD scenario? Why, it's none other than Elsa and Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman; the other half of the Victorious Vixens. Both are nicely wrapped for my... our enjoyment.

It's worth mentioning that Shadow's collaboration with Snadiya definitely pays homage to both the characters' color scheme. Both gals are also quite recognizable especially Elsa with her signature braid. Jessica, while not having her familiar costume is also easy enough to recognize as the famous Spider-Woman. She has the green eyes and her raven black hair.

The nice thing about this gift is that there are two variants: gagged and untagged. Also, there are seven pictures, all different angles--a standard kind of perk from commissioning Snadiya.

Clearly I'm more of a fan of the gagged versions. Both lovely gals are bound and gagged with shiny tape.

Strong durable shiny tape.

Elsa bound with red tape, Jess bound with blue tape. Red representing Jessica's standard color and blue being Elsa's. The irony of them being bound with the color they are is a humiliating insult, more or less. Then the final nail on the salt on the wound is the bow that is apparently keeping the two lovely ladies back to back. Again, it represents that they are a gift.

They probably hear something outside their holding cell.

Could it be Rikku and Terra trying to rescue them? Or are they going to end up in the same fate as Elsa and Jessica?

To conclude this piece of art: I love Elsa and Spider-Woman, I enjoy #DiD art, Snadiya is one of the artists I commission, and a gift from an amazing #Commissioner like TheLingeringShadow... basically, this is a win-win! I can't express HOW much I appreciate this! Truly! Please check Shadow's gallery since he has his corner of the web brewing with some fantastic and sensual things. And obviously, Snadiya is nothing short of amazing with what she has in her gallery!

Until Next Time!

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