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Art Share: Rikku, Yuna, & Lulu (YRL?)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

My fellow #deviantart member and fellow #commissioner is trying to dethrone me on my Final Fantasy #DiD collection. FourPieces claims it not so, but I'm more than willing to say that he is (he might be reading this, actually). So at any rate, let's check out his latest commissions!

The first is Yuna with a Maid Dressphere. Isn't that a different sort of outfit for the Summoner turned gunner? This as well the rest of the #commissions I will be showing are all done by none other than the talented AkinaSilver. There is also a DiDfic to go along with this and the others.

This Lulu Commission is a lovely one because while it is always fantasized by many to have this lovely black mage in distress, it's never a common thing. She is definitely deserving some love since she was the sexiest character in FFX (Rikku's sexiness fully blossomed in FFX-2). Here's the DiDfic.

Saving the best for last! As a fellow Rikku lover, FourPieces commissioned this Rikku pic based of his, you guessed it, DiDfic of her. I personally love this one the best, not mainly because it is Rikku, but I love the sexy stance, the expression, and the simple, but very effective way she is stuck. Very lovely collaborations! Be sure to check out both artists' gallery for more lovely content!

Until Next Time!

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