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Art Share: Rikku_x_Terra

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I'm telling you this right now: FourPieces is trying to dethrone me with my #commission shenanigans! How so?

Commissioning the fantastic and underrated artist, Alif-Masra, FourPieces, and the artist managed to come out with this seductive and highly implying picture that poked at the idea of my top two favorite #Final_Fantasy gals: #Rikku and #Terra_Branford in a very interesting position. Is this consensual? Non-consensual? Who are they looking at? Captor or rescuer? Why is Rikku not gagged while Terra is? Let's put it this way: these questions are DYING to be answered in a fanfic or something. Maybe I should write that since it's pretty damn sensual and intriguing.

Maybe. Stay tuned.

Until Next Time!

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