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Art Share: #SchoolgirlJAM (OC)

Updated: May 16, 2023

Well, FourPieces was gracious enough once more to get my lovely Arlen Sirushi in some... precarious situation. Schoolgirl outfits? Yes! It's a #SchoolgirlJam event being held by a fellow Deviant, Blackbird2. Also notice that there are some fantastic ropework and gag included with such fantastic outfits. Also, firearms. Yes, guns. Both are gunslingers, clearly.

The lovely Asha is my friend's OC, DestroXXIV. I think the two are looking rather dashing, aren't they? All pressed up and forced some time together! I think it's hilarious that Arlen just looks amazingly pissed off. So her. Also, I think it's an added insult that she is not even a single ounce of her trademark colors! Probably a decent reason why she's not very happy. Well, hoping to see more of Arlen as time goes on!

Until Next Time!

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