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Art Share: Tifa Lockhart (Remake) Fanart 2

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Did Tifa become popular again in a matter of 24 hours? Yes, that's right! She SURE DiD! Welcome to the part 2 of the Tifa Lockhart (Remake) Art share! Obviously, the amazing NibelArt started it with this wonderful fan art. Let's continue!

RoninDude is an artist I follow on #DeviantArt. I mean, I can talk about how awesome he is but I'll just let the artwork he drew speak for themselves. He literally banged out about four and I'm only posting three! Click on the pics to see the original source!

Got this from #Twitter. I can't locate the post but in the corner, there's "timtamart".

Another twitter post and I happen can't scout my twitter to locate these for some reason.

Yes, another twitter post.

X-kulon is responsible for this wonderful fan art. A bit more innocent looking but I definitely enjoy the ambiance.

Kumanzart's contribution is a sketch but it's definitely a beautiful one. I love that look. It's a sexy pose but still very innocent.

Now this is a breathtaking one. Liang-Xing is a contributor for some fantastic fanart and he gave one for Tifa in her remake look. Amazing.

I'm more than willing to bet that the moment I post this, more Tifa Lockhart fanart is going to come out. And these are just some that I have come across, and these are just her FFVII Remake look. There's classic look out there, cowgirl, etc. Needless to say, it's a good time to be a Tifa fan. Might have to contribute myself! #Commission, anyone?

Until Next Time!

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