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Art Share: "What If" featuring Spider-Woman

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

You know, there's this cover from way back when that features one of my FAVORITE gal in my fandom: Jessica Drew the first and the best Spider-Woman. I won't go into so much details because if anyone is into this genre, chances are that they have seen or heard about that (in)famous cover with Spider-Woman bound and gagged to a chair with a werewolf jumping at her. Need a reminder?

I'm sure it doesn't, but there's that wonderful cover. That visually redone cover is actually from Marvel itself! Preserved for all its glory. With that said, it's no surprise that #DiD enthusiasts such as DestroXXIV had made an effort to recreate and put his own twist on this magnificent and delicious cover. This post is dedicated to his hardworking. Be warned, some themes may be a bit deeper in the rabbit hole--a venture that I do get into but for the sake of keeping some kind of restrains on my blog, I won't post some images of the series.

Destro does a fine job recreating the cover showing Ms. Drew helpless in a chair while a version of the "Werewolf by Night" is lunging at her. Again this was a complete misdirection since this scene never happens inside the comic book... it actually happens in Spider-Woman issue 5 and there was NO WEREWOLF in there. Just a complicating illusion and all of that.

With Destro's permission, I will post the None-text version of some of the images, but truly, the text adds more to the 'story'. Since it is his take of the comic scene, it definitely does paint the picture of his imagination. Now I know nothing about 3D rendering and truly this can't be an easy thing to do so what he has done here, showing Spider-Woman in a dynamic pose struggling and about is something I truly admire. I like how he has tried his best to replicate the way she was bound and gagged in the old comic book, but obviously, not everything is 100% remade and I am willing to gamble that has everything to do with how 3D rendering works; honestly, as a purist, it doesn't disappoint. Most of what made that scene so great for me remains intact! There are, of course, some modifications with the rope work that makes it Destro's own take and in turn gives it more of a modernized vantage point. Again, not 100% pure to the source material, but remakes and reimaginations have to have their own spin of things at times. Sure it could have been a bit more grounded to the original version but a touch of the artist's flavor isn't frowned upon in my book as long as much fo the delight from Spider-Woman's classic distress is given form. One can be the judge of that notion with the next beautiful set of images.

I'll let the texts just speak for itself.

There was always a plot hole in the ORIGINAL version that, in my opinion and half-assed assessment could be chalked up to .... a reason to put Jessica Drew in bondage/#DiD moment. Hey, Wonder Woman and Black Canary were in ropes left and right why not someone superiorly sexier like Jessica Drew? DiD lovers of that scene all gave their insights and reason, I know I DiD. I love Destros reason for Ms. Drew being stuck in bondage if she had her spider powers the whole time.

So here's where Destro really starts taking things to his own 'vision'.

Destro's main things are hand gags and forced weddings. Not my thing but definitely not the worse in the #DID genre. It goes that way from here on out and I'll just link his page for the rest of the awesome images. They're still sexy, trust me.

It was a very nice homage and always a welcome respect to a very (in)famous classic DiD scene. It was short-lived but definitely took to own sensual flavor. Fear not though, despite it being a short run, Destro was kind enough to give me a bonus pic! Nothing like a spider based damsel in distress due to a gigantic spider. Here's to hoping we see more of Destro's work with Spider-Woman! That's about it and thanks to DestroXXIV for the wonderful work he put into Jessica Drew's distress and for allowing me to post these on my blog.

Until Next Time!

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