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NYCC 2018: Marvel Legends

Another comic con event that I, of course, was not able to attend to. That just sounds sad. As if I have no right to my Geekdom! But enough of that. Obviously there were plenty of awesome reveals in terms of action figures... Marvel Legends. As always, I'm not going to point out everything. I'm only going to share the ones that I am VERY interested in. So here we go.

Jim Lee Jubilee? Yes, that's what I have been hoping for! I swear, Hasbro is killing it with these X-Men Legends waves! I will have to get Jubilee for sure! Looks like alternate head (has to have one! Or that bubble gum is an accessory) and hoping for fireworks effects. And if they are to add new firework effects, that's even better!

I am posting Forge not because I am terribly excited for him, but just to show a point that Hasbro is really trying to get some classic nostalgia with their Marvel Legends. This is Forge back then and seeing him in this costume really brought back some geekdom.

Going to really have to try and purchase this as well. Part of the 90s X-Men team, that's for sure. Also, he comes with an alternate head for the Kingpin Spider-Man BAF wave that was announced in SDCC 2018. That's a cool gimmick!

While the Black Order was not a standout group in Avengers Infinity War, their Cinematic designs were something to really gawk and geek out at. They took comic book looks and really transformed them to how they would look in a modern and grounded version. And here we are with their Marvel Legends version and they look absolutely amazing! So much details in them! I have Proxima Midnight... I think I might get Cull Obsidian Marvel Legend to complete my Black Order line up!

Now Night Thrasher is interesting in many ways. Again, Hasbro is touching a bunch of my nostalgia/geekdom. This character may not have had the most popular run in the grand shame of Marvel, but the New Warriors have always been part of the collective small teams of Marvel that makes up the giant picture. Also, I'm curious to see which BAF Wave Night Thrasher is going to be a part of.


Well, that's about it in terms of my sharing with what went down in NYCC 2018. Obviously, there were plenty of other news but I wanted to focus on Marvel Legends. Pretty excited for next year's run! It is definitely time for collectors to spend their hard earned cash! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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