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PlayStation Showcase: 2023

Well, this week we had PlayStation Showcase. There were some pretty saucy rumors and HUGE speculation on what was coming. Some really outrageous things like an FFIX Remake (please no), Wolverine showing, and the possible showing of FFVII Rebirth (Something I thought was far more possible). Alas, we got what we got and just like video game showcases that I share, I'm going to be poking at games that really fall into my crosshair--as in games that I would really play. With that said, let's get right into it, shall we?

Of course, Final Fantasy XVI. What else is left to say? I'm really excited about this one! Beyond what I can really express. We are just right there too! Jeez this game is going to hit really, really hard!

Whoa! We are going right into the Black Symbiote Spider-Man, are we? Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, possibly Black Cat again? Two Spider-Man to choose from? And that symbiote gameplay is just hitting hard! If this becomes a really slick and smoother "Webs of Shadow", I'm all happy about that!

I played the original Dragon's Dogma and let me tell you, all the positive words about it are 100% true. To have the second one, yeah I'm down for sure! The graphics look so much better and for that, I'm pretty excited. Definitely one of PS3 gaming's best experiences for me!

Been a while since I started getting into fighting games. I really got into Street Fighter IV and honestly, I skipped Street Fighter V--for the most part. But this game seems to be really pushing the years on some of these characters and I'm glad they are showing them. I may not get this at launch but I am very interested eventually.

I don't know what this game is but it looks really good. I'm definitely down with this one for sure!

Well, those games are what I really am looking at. As far as me actually pulling the trigger, we'll see. Really am excited about some of these and the showcase is definitely missing a few games I wanted to see. But, oh well. FFXVI and Spider-Man 2 are definitely hard-hitting news. I'm pretty satisfied.

Until Next Time!

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