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POP: Morton Salt Girl

What the heck is this?! Yes, it's a #POP. Yes, it's the Morton Salt Girl! Wait, what? It's odd, I know. POP makes a lot of things and this one is kind of an odd addition. But, hey, let's just check her out, shall we?

The "POP AD Icons" series is based off characters/mascots that help advertise products (mostly food or drinks)--Tony the Tiger, Koolaid Man, etc. Morton Salt Girl clearly is the recognizable mascot for the popular salt brand. I can't say I can point out the exact reason why I bought her other than she looks great, but I suppose if I was to add a justification, it's the fact that salt is a very important ingredient with everything that we eat? I suppose? Oh well! Let's carry on.

I doubt I'll be puchasing more from this line. We'll see though.

The one thing that stands out with Morton Salt Girl's design is the fact that she's (I think) made out of salt, thus the white skin? The contrast of yellow through her clothes and hair really makes her stand out--couple that in with small hints of blue with her buttons, belt, and the salt container. Her experession has her eyes closed, but the eyelashes showing is a nice touch.

The pose is done well. It's accurate to the iconic pose she has on every salt container. She's holding her umbrella and with her other hand, she's pouring her salt on the ground. Iconic, accurate, and well done.

The colros are done quite well as I already mentioned. I like the white color chosen and the contrasting yellow adds more depth. Not much else to say other than I adore it.

Such an odd thing to add to my #POP collection. But all in all, I can't really complain since I do adore her and it's somethingn that adds a little more flavor to my collection. All in all, branching out and enjoying this does give me even more confidence with Funko's top line. I recommend her, if for anything else, for aesthetics if one does not have sentimental attachment.

Until Next Time!

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